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Game Designer

Elegant hypercasual game in which your fast lateral thinking is tested. Available on the Play Store.

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Warcraft 3 MOD - Cooperative Mode

Economy Designer

Taking inspiration from Starcraft 2 cooperative mod, we created a custom map and 2 new entire factions to play with a friend.

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Game Designer

Capsize is a rogue-like, deck-building, single player adventure. Build your pirate crew, steal crew members from the other factions and promote them to unlock new powers. All in comic hand-drawn 2D style.

black friday.png

Black Friday - Board Game

Game Designer

Published by Redglove, fast paced and dexterity base board game will test your skill and determination to be the king of Black Friday.

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Projects: Servizi

Game jams


Doog - Ludum Dare 47

Game Designer, Level Designer

Doog is a puzzle game in which you help Doog the dog to follow his tail in a loop, FOREVER.


Survive the music - GMTK 2020

Game Designer

Survive the music is a rhythm game in which the player shoots the bullets that  he will than try to dodge.


Eggbert II - Ludum Dare 46

Game Designer, Level Designer

Eggbert II is a Puzzle Game in which you have to keep alive a mysterious egg untill it hatches.

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Fabbrizia - Global Game Jam 2020

Game Designer

Fabbrizia is a fast-paced arcade game in which you play as a blacksmith repairing the weapons of upcoming adventurers.

sleepee gameplay.png

 Sleepee - Global Game Jam 2019

Game Designer, Level Designer

Sleepee is a fast paced arcade game. The player controls a sleepy girl, waking up in the middle of the night, in need of a bathroom. On her path she will avoid the obstacles and fight against drowsiness.

Projects: Servizi

School Projects


Sweet Rage

Game Designer, Producer

Sweet Rage is a creative tower defence game. Towers are built with modular pieces with different effects. After each wave you will receive new pieces and you will be able to rearrange the previously built towers. 


Immortal Party

Game Designer, Producer

Immortal Party is a local party game from 2 to 4 players. Fight with your friends to be the last one standing in the arena.


Steel Grounds

Game Designer, Producer

Steel Grounds is a turn-based strategy game. The players will compete to scavenge resources in a dangerous planet.


Inn the Middle

Game Designer

Inn the middle is a chess-like strategy game.

Projects: Servizi


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